Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flashfood? 

Flashfood is an app for shoppers to buy heavily discounted, surplus groceries and meals directly through their phones. Browse and buy food from your local grocery stores and restaurants and not only save money but get delicious food all while helping the environment (Wait, what? Keep reading...).

Helping the Environment?

ONE THIRD of all food produced each year is WASTED. That’s 1.3 BILLION tons of food every year that is not eaten. This leads to food insecurity, billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and significant environmental damage. Woof!! Come on people!

Flashfood is empowering its shoppers to be the change. By buying food through Flashfood, you are a leader in this movement. Together, we’re reducing food waste and its negative impacts on the environment.

How do I Benefit as a Shopper?

By using Flashfood, you:

  • Eat great food

  • Save money

  • Help the environment

What Types of Food Will I Find on Flashfood?

Expect to find a little bit of everything! Deals change daily and will include most items from your local grocery stores and restaurants. This includes anything from tasty, fresh-prepared meals to raw ingredients for your own home-cooking.

Where Do I Pick Up My Food?

Once you have made a purchase, pick up your food any time that day at the Restaurant or Grocery Store you bought from.

If it’s a restaurant, simply find your way to their pick-up counter.

If it’s a grocery store, your food will be stored in the designated Flashfood Pick Up Area  (there will be lots of Flashfood signage in the store telling you where to go – just ask any of the store employees if you need directions!). Pick up your items up from the Flashfood Fridge or Dry Rack and then head to checkout at the front of the store (look for the cashier lane with the Flashfood sign). The cashier will confirm your purchase and you’ll be on your way!

No Food in Your Area? No Problem!

No food in your area? Let us know! Tell us where you like to shop. We will reach out to these grocery stores and restaurants to get them on board. We are working very hard to expand the movement and you can help.

And get out there! Talk to your local vendors. Ask what they’re currently doing with their surplus food and push them to join our movement.

What If I Have a Tech Question?

For any tech support, please email and our team will get back to you ASAP.

What if I Am Dissatisfied with My Experience?

Email and let us know why. There is a Support link in your Profile page. If you are requesting a refund, please include the following information:

  • Order #

  • Image of the item

  • Reason for refund

At Flashfood, we hear you out! We’ll look into the problem and work on a fix. You’ll hear back from us ASAP.

How do I delete my Flashfood Account?

We're sad to see you go! To delete your account please click here to send us a quick note  and our awesome support team will take care of that for you. If you have a few minutes, we would love to hear how we can improve your service. 

We Want Your Feedback!

Good or bad, we want your feedback.

Let us know about your experience shopping with Flashfood. We are always open to new ideas and ways to improve our process, we can’t do it alone!