Steep discounts on delicious surplus grocery items.


Save money. Eliminate food waste. Feed others.


One third of the world's food ends up in a landfill. That's 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year. 

The Flashfood app allows grocery stores and restaurants to sell high-quality, surplus food at steep discounts to savvy shoppers.

Shoppers see deals in their area and purchase items directly through Flashfood - saving money for shoppers, increasing revenue for vendors and lessening our collective environmental impact. 

It's a win-win solution for everyone. 


How Flashfood works:


Find food

Download the Flashfood app and start browsing deals immediately. You'll be notified as soon as our partners Flashfood sale is happening near you.  *Currently in private beta.


Purchase & Pickup

Purchase high quality items at steep discounts right from your phone. Then head to the store any time that day, grab your food item from the Flashfood Zone and go through the check out aisle with all your other groceries. 



Show your order confirmation at the vendor location and grab your food without any hassles. Enjoy good food, a good deal and the good deed!

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Why use Flashfood?

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Save money on food. 

Grocery stores and restaurants will post the item to the Flashfood app, giving you a discount of ~50% off the original sale price. Cha-ching! 


Reduce food waste. 

Currently, about $6+ billion of food is wasted in Canada each year by grocery stores and restaurants, much of which is thrown out well before its best before date. (Sometimes days, weeks, or even months too soon!) This doesn't need to happen. 


Feed someone who is hungry. 

We're doing this for a purpose.  Flashfood donates a percentage of its proceeds each year to organizations helping with food insecurity.  Flashfood is utilizing its platform to directly help with those who otherwise have limited access to healthy food.


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