5 Creative Ways to Turn Kitchen Scraps into Delicious Food

People have been using leftover and “bad” food to create amazing meals, snacks and drinks for as long as we’ve been cooking. Think of a spotty and browned banana - it loses some appeal to be eaten as is, but it’s now the perfect ingredient for delicious banana bread! In fact, banana bread and similar treats actually favour browned bananas due to their increased sweetness and less starchy texture than when completely yellow. 

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How to Cook Creatively to Reduce Food Waste

Cooking meals without a recipe is how chef’s flex their creative muscle and come up with those amazing dishes you discover while eating out. Unfortunately, for the average home cook it can be quite intimidating to make food “off the book”, which is why a lot of us follow recipes so religiously. I always encourage people to cook whenever they can, however a problem with the recipe-only mentality is that it often means we buy ingredients for one specific meal and don’t utilize them again.

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